Centre musical de Lanzarote, Espagne
Concours- Rethinking, 2017
Architecture, Paysage
Music, as all kind of art, is a generative introspection. Always from in, always from out. Howsoever by composing or   listening to it, it goes through over your whole body, cross it and makes it vibe. Perhaps the thing that makes us bringing back to the most human nature of our condition.
As Lanzarote is a volcanic background linked to its own culture, it becomes here the fertile ground and the material of the future of the musical and cultural scene in Arrecife.
Where noises and silences are the leitmotiv, the purpose of the project lies in various spaces to the process of creation, opened and landscaped architecture, but also leeway as.
Kept as the main stage, the concrete volume will be developed to the southern part of the area, providing facilities built with a vernacular material - volcanic concrete - to merge with the landscape and give space to leeways and connections between users.

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